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Grab the new Summer 2011 edition of Real Weddings magazine now. Aimee & Zach’s wedding is featured in one of the blogs.

Here is the link to the online version, http://realweddingsmag.com/weddingDetail.cfm?id=165.

And, here is the link to the post on our blog.

Enjoy. :)

Angelica & Shaun, 2/19/2011

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Sacramento, February 19, 2011

The week had been very wet for Sacramento, a little drizzle early in the morning, and more rain in the forecast for that morning. So it was a little chilly when I arrived at the venue. People from the neighborhood was walking their dog, doing their morning jog or just enjoying the crisp but sunny morning.

But, that did not stop the hustle and bustle of the folks getting the place ready that morning. Angelica arrived early in the morning, greeted by the our lovely makeup artist who had been patiently waiting in the cold. Angelica’s mom, bridesmaids and sister were there to get ready.

Soon after that, the place started to get really busy. Our florist arrived with the bouquet and flowers for the center pieces. She got there early to deliver the flowers even if she wasn’t feeling too well. Much kudos to her.

Shaun arrived just a bit later after that with his troop. They got ready, looking sharp, very quickly. Yup, they didn’t need much time. Except when they try to figure out how to pin the boutonnieres.

A little before 11 o’clock in the morning, guests started arriving. And everyone were ready for Angelica and Shaun’s most important day of their lives.

The ceremony itself was short and quaint. The weather cleared for their ceremony. It was not exactly blue sky weather, but the sun shone briefly as Angelica and Shaun exchanged their vows. They are indeed blessed.

The day went on with a very delicious lunch prepared by Chef Jim from Vizcaya. The candy bar waiting in the corner. And, our little photobooth next to the candy bar.

To Angelica & Shaun, I want to thank you for letting us be a part of your wonderful day. I hope we were able to capture every little moments of your wedding.

To everyone else, please enjoy some of the moments captured that day.

Access to the rest of the galleries here

Yuli & Handy

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Bandung, West Java, October 31, 2010.

Overcast day which would have been a gloomy day for some, is actually perfect for us.  We arrived in Bandung, one of the largest cities in West Java, on October 30th afternoon.  We stopped to have lunch in the city and continued on to a villa in Trinity, a little town next to Bandung.

Yuli and Handy immediately got dressed as the day looked like it was going to end very soon.  Luckily, as time goes on, we had just enough light for a perfect shoot.  Sunset here is around 6pm on the dot, very punctual, day after day.  :) It makes easy scheduling for the sunset shots.  Sadly, it was too cloudy to see any sun at all behind the hills of Trinity.

Right after that, we just hung out at the villa a bit before retreating to bed.  I was still heavily jetlagged from my flight the day before.  Yes, it is 14 hour difference from Sacramento to Bandung.  Flight time… 18 hours, NOT including layover, boarding, checking in and picking up bags.

The next day was different, the sun was breaking through the cloudy skies for a change.  It was warm by 9 am.  After a quick breakfast and getting ready, we are back on shooting.

This time, we did a casual dress shoot.  Just a couple of streets down, we found a grassy field.  It used to be a horse ranch, but it was abandoned a while back.  The tall grass makes a nice foreground for the couple.  The dilapidated building, that used to be a stable makes a cool background.

We then went to ‘Kampung Daun’, a sort of restaurant/tourist stop for lunch.  The place is set up with little huts along the little stream.  We sat down in one and had a very hearty lunch, Sundanese style.  Yum.  Yuli and Handy picked this place for their next shoot.  Apparently, higher up the stream, there are some waterfalls.  We continued on with the casual theme here.

We ended our shoot there as the day got really bright and warm.  It was a little too much sun for my taste.  We did get a few good shots from this trip.  I’ve posted some of them below.  Enjoy.

Access to the rest of the galleries (password protected) here

Aimee & Zach, 10/10/10

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon at Morgan Creek Country Club in Roseville, CA.  Aimee and Zach picked a very unique date to exchange their vows.  10/10/10.  I suppose it wouldn’t happen for another hundred years.

It was a perfect wedding.  We could not ask for a better weather.  Morgan Creek is a really nice setting for any events.  The sun was setting just as the reception started.  Guests enjoyed their cocktails as the golden sun slowly retreats from the blue sky, creating a very romantic backdrop.

Here are the folks responsible of helping make the day better,

  • Venue: Morgan Creek Golf – Country Club, Roseville CA
  • Decoration/Flowers: Visual Impact Design
  • DJ: Corbett Cutts, Trinity Entertainment

Please enjoy some of the portraits that we took that day.

Access to the rest of the galleries (password protected) here.

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